Leah’s xB 7.0 Finally Made In Last Night

This was great news, since poor Leah had been waiting so patiently for her baby to arrive.  I went out in the lot and there she was…



No, she is not blue….she’s kind of a lavender color. 

Time was tight and we only two hours to get her cleaned up, dried up and into the showroom.  Leah was supposed to come to get her at 7.

She was ready just minutes before Leah arrived…..and here she is….




Of course everybody had to come to check her out









LOL…I think this is the first time I ever laid on my stomach on the floor of our showroom.  




Front seats are stitched in blue…


She is number 315 of 2,000 produced….


A couple of months ago we received these screen cleaners and I saved one for the day that our xB 7.0 came in…


Here is Leah, hugging her new baby.  She hasn’t named her yet, but we’ll give Leah a few weeks and we know she’ll come up with a good name.




We must have color coordinated accessories…..Leah’s purple wallet….


Leah and I in the back seat…

Leah and I

Leah saying her goodbyes to Bella…

Bye Bella


Leah’s baby parked next to Cyndi’s baby…

Cyndi and Leah's xb

Some of our SE family stopped by for this happy occasion.  Here are Dylan, Leah, Aaron, Kenny and Cyndi….

Group photo

Time to take the baby home…

Taking the baby home

With all the excitement of getting her ready for Leah, we totally forgot to fill her baby up with fuel.  Poor Leah had to stop at a gas station on her way home.  Sorry Leah, make sure you stop by and get a fill up the next time you stop by.  I know you’ll be back as soon as the spoiler comes in. 🙂


~ by bktango on January 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Leah’s xB 7.0 Finally Made In Last Night”

  1. Aw, she sure looks happy with her new Scion. Nice : )

  2. What a beast!! I absolutely love that colour, it's gorgeous.I can only dream of ever owning a brand new vehicle. Sigh….

  3. Love the color…I smiled cuz this looked just like a baby shower for an expectant mom, how sweet to have friends like you guys!

  4. ya Tango – you guys sure know how to sell a Scion! those balloons were an especially nice touch! good work!and nice to see a pic of you too in the midst of the excitement!

  5. Rose….yes, she was so happy to finally be able to see her in person and take her home.Gypsy…it is even more beautiful in color.Teri…lol, it was a baby shower. We had to do something special since Leah had been waiting so long.

  6. Kymber….there you are :)LOL…Scions are special.

  7. Tango! Thank you so much for all that you did for me! I'm still working on a name. I keep telling myself that she's not a loaner….OH I LOVE HER! Thanks for all of the extras!!! LOVE YA!

  8. Leah…you are very welcome. Love you too and I'll see you on Sunday. 🙂

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