I’m Baaak 3/15/2017

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It’s been a long time.  I’m back at http://www.tangosgoingons.com

I hope that I haven’t lost all of you.


Day off and Watkins order issue

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Today is the 5th day off that I get in a year.  Needless to say, I’m trying to drag it out as slow as I can.  My next day off will be on Easter. I was going to spend the day at my Mom’ s, but she has a terrible cold.  Instead I’ll be at home, relaxing. I’ve got some ribs cooking in the oven.   I’m trying out the Watkins BBQ sauce and it’s smelling awfully good.  On the side I’m boiling some baby potatoes which I will top with butter and Watkins cucumber and dill dip.  I’m not a chips and dip person, so putting it on top of potatoes ought to taste pretty awesome, eh?     Talking about Watkins, UPS delivered two of my packages to some one at someones front door, but not mine.  This is the first time that I have ever had issues with UPS.  I’ll have to call Watkins tomorrow and see if they can put a trace on it.

I can’t believe I already filed my taxes 2/5/2013

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This has got to be a first.  I don’t know what got into me.  Usually I wait until the last minute.  I filed at 1 this afternoon.   I’m glad it’s over with for another year.

I checked out a couple of gyms this morning after a finished my chases.  I almost signed up for Planet Fitness and was parked in their lot.  Then I remembered my co-worker telling me about a couple of men that hang out there staring at the women.  One man was staring between her legs while she was exercising.  Mmmhhh, I guess 10 bucks a month is pretty cheap for someone to get their kicks.  LOL…I started my car and went to another gym.

I ended up going to Anytime Fitness in Bristow  because of the experience that Brad at Van Trekker has had with them.  Nice friendly and very helpful staff.  The place was super clean.  I think I will like this place.  I made an appointment for Thursday to get myself orientated, ha!  Now, with all my downsizing, I wonder if I still have a pair of tennis shoes?

I have a few commercial inspections to take care of  next Monday.  Maybe I’ll get a few more between now and then.  Next Friday I will start working crazy hours due to my co-worker going on vacation.  I’ve already told my clients that I won’t be able to do any chases or inspections between the 14th and the 25th of this month.  It will be just too much for me to handle.


Snowy Sunday 2/3/2013

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Not much is sticking, but it’s still coming down slowly but surely.  It looks like we got right at a quarter of an inch.


I wonder how many people are actually coming out to buy cars today.  I must be the only person that insists on car buying days to be sunny or at least dry.

Sometimes WordPress cracks me up.  Right now these are the recommended tags:  snow, national weather service, home, coming out, gay lesbian and bisexual, shopping, winter, and  Erie times-news. Ha, too funny!

Long time no write… 2/1/2013

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Wow, it’s been many months since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve gotten out of practice and now need to learn it all over again.  I see WordPress has changed….damn, I hate change.  I had 81 spam comments.  I sure am glad that WordPress caught all of them.  If it hadn’t there would have been 81 triple X-rated comments posted.

It’s cold as hell today but was close to 70 degrees two days ago.  You don’t know what to wear from one day to the next around here.  It’s 30 degrees out but feels like 17 due to the high winds.   Luckily I have lost 13 pounds so that I can now wear tights underneath my pants without feeling like a badly stuffed sausage. 🙂

I might start working in another department at Miller Toyota next month. That will mean working from 8 to 5 with weekends off.  My inspections and chases will be limited to weekends only.  It sure will be different, that’s for sure.  I’m so used to working 7 days a week with having mornings free.  It will take time getting used to, but having weekends off will give me time to fix a few things around the house….like spot painting the downstairs living room and doing something about the concrete floor.

My central heater is still broken, pending a $700 part plus labor.  The other week it went down to 8 degrees and my kitchen downstairs was right at 37 degrees.  It was time to rig up something to warm it up a bit.

Knowing that I would sooner or later invest in a Mr Buddy propane heater, I went ahead and ordered one with a 12 ft hose.  It came last weekend…lol…while it was warm.  Go figure!

I ended up putting the heater in the kitchen and the hose out of the window.  So that the  HOA would not write me up, I bought a cheap 5 dollar plastic tub.  Cut a hole on the side and put it upside down over the propane tank.


Even on low, the heater puts out an incredible amount of heat.   It sure is nice not to have to get into winter gear just to get a cup of coffee.

mr buddy heater

Financially things are looking up.  If everything goes according to plan, the failed business debt will be paid off in about 9 months.  I can just about taste freedom. 🙂  Then it will be time to decide what to do with the townhouse and some serious shopping for a used camper van will begin. I’m down to choosing an older Roadtrek, Chinook, or Pleasure-way.  As long as it’s a class B, not longer than 20 ft, has a shower and can fit in a parking spot, I’ll be a happy woman.

Time to catch up on the blogs. 🙂

Slight Mod Bug On My Scion iQ 12/05/2012

•December 5, 2012 • 3 Comments

I friend of mine brought up my car modification bug addiction a couple of months ago.  He asked me if I had any plans to modify the iQ.  I told him that I was trying not to get started. 🙂

This is what he sent me for my birthday.  The iQ badge out of Japan.

Of course I couldn’t wait to remove the badge that came on the iQuteness.

The badge came with two plastic prongs which do not line up with the centered hole on the bumper.  For now it is off centered.  I did not want to just stick it on while it is cold outside. It will  stick much better once it warms up outside.

I’ve got four car chases this morning.  I’d better get on it. 🙂

Becoming a Watkins Associate

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Last weekend I became an independent Watkins associate.  Something else to bring in a few bucks.  Watkins has been around for more than a hundred years.  They carry items that I use every day and the whole retail business  side is mobile and can be done anywhere in the US and Canada.   I should have started earlier so that I could take full advantage of the holiday season.


I ordered a few items and some business cards this morning, so hopefully I will get them in a few days. I found a few of their items at Wal-mart and at Target. While I’m waiting on my order, I put to use a few sheets of Avery post card stock paper I had and made up some cards with my info on it.    I’m getting myself familiar with their products via their website.   I wish I would have had time to order a few catalogues for  Christmas, but it was too late.  Instead I ordered catalogues for next year.  That’s fine too, after all 2013 is right around the corner.